Kilo vom Offenburgher

Kilo is a wonderful boy with a great temperament. He has super dark mouth pigmentation and dark eyes, his weight is around 110 lbs.  He is a solid boy with a very nice pedigree. Some of the well known dogs in Kilo’s pedigree are, Orlando vom Hause Neubrand, Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, Noris von der Alten Festung , Lord von Bickesheim &  Rick von Burgthann     I  co-own this handsome boy with his loving owner who resides with Kilo in Eastern Canada.

Sire: Youth Champion, Ando Crni Vitez

Dam: Regenesis Bella V Offenburgher

Kilo’s Pedigree

OFA Cardiac Normal

OFA Hips Fair

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA results:

Kilo's Sire & Dam

Kilo collage2



Kilo’s Son, Tycoon vom Offenburgher

Tycoon 1

Tycoon vom Offenburgher (Kilo’s son)